Vacation Programs

When schools are closed for holidays and vacations, come and fill the days with fun at our popular Gesher Vacation Camp Programs. Varied activities include field trips, special guests, and performances. Activities that are always included are crafts, games, sports, and swimming. 


2016-2017 Vacation Camps

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Contact Marisa Garber for more information

Vacation Camp Hours: 7am-6pm
$70/day Member: $60/day Gesher Particpant: $50/day

Schedule of Events 2016-2017

Note: Specific activities to be determined. Please check back soon for more detailed information about each camp!
October 10      Columbus Day Vacation Camp - Field Trip to Stokoe Farms
October 11      Superintendent Conference Day- Gesher open all day
November 11   Veteran's Day Vacation Camp
December 2    Superintendent's Conference Day-Gesher open all day
December 23   Winter Vacation Camp
December 26   Gesher Closed
December 27-30 Winter Vacation Camp
January 2       Gesher Closed
January 16     Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Vacation Camp
February 20-24 February Vacation Camp
April 14-21     April Vacation Camp

Field Trips: Field trips are provided at no extra cost. The times of the field trips are TBD. There are always extra staff and small groups during trips away from the JCC. After arriving back from the field trip, there will be 50 minute long activity options that the children can choose from, including PlayGym, InZone, Free Swim, Athletics, Crafts, and more!

JCC Hobby Days: Explore all that the JCC has to offer! Mornings will be spent on an in-depth activity of your child's choice. These could include art, drama, athletics, adventure, and more! Afternoons will have 50 minute long activity options that the children can choose from, including PlayGym, InZone, Athletics, Crafts, and more!

Locations: Drop off and pick up are in the Gesher area of the JCC

What to Bring: Please pack a dairy (vegetarian) lunch, weather appropriate clothing, and socks.

Note to Gesher Participants: Gesher registrants registered during our early bird period have received 2 free vacation days! Please follow the guidelines below to be eligible for this special Gesher benefit:

  • Free days are available ONLY to those who registered during early bird.
  • Use of free days requires registration no later than 1 week in advance. A maximum of 50% of slots are available for free use. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY!

 To register:

  • Please fill out the Vacation Camp Registration Form and submit to the Gesher department.
  • Please call This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  at 585-461-2000, ext. 234 or click her name to email.



Check back soon for a full list of the upcoming TYKEs programs for the 2016-17 school year!