All phone numbers are (585) 461-2000 followed by the extension below.

Name Position Phone Extension
Aiono, Eke Associate Executive Director, Fitness, Wellness and Recreation 270
Ball, Lori Gesher Program Coordinator 397
Blumkin, Josh Kesher Director
Bottum, Silvana General Accountant 222
Cantor, Aaron Camp Seneca Lake Director 263
Cataldi, Marc Cultural Arts Administrative Assistant 235
Coffman, Stephanie Aquatics Manager 267
Colamarino, Mary Ann Executive Assistant 213
Conklin, Barbara Director, Membership 216
Dengler, Brian Manager, Men's Spa & Spa Services 248
Dengler, Carrie Adult Program Coordinator 214
Dengler, Curt Member & Staff Support Coordinator 217
Dodds, Shelby Birthday Party Coordinator
Donahue, William Interim Jewish Book Festival Director 237
Exton, Amy Director, Administration, Member Engagement & Special Events 268
Fazzary, Anthony Coordinator, OD & ADult Recreation, Sports & Leagues 291
Fishman, Marissa Development Associate 225
Garber, Marisa Camp Sisol/Gesher Assistant Director 285
Getnick, Joy Director of Jewish Life 239
Golden, John Membership Associate & Financial Aid Coordinator 218
Hackleman, Laurie Membership Accounts Representative 228
Handley, Chris Maintenance Manager 277
Heidt, Carm Phase III Cardiac Fitness Program/Personal Trainer 306/817
Irving, Dan Director, Camp Sisol/Gesher 274
Johnson, Denise Director, Wolk Children's Center 505
Kaufman, Heidi Payroll & Benefits Administrator 215
Kelly, Simone Graphic Designer 301
Markus, Adrienne Nutrition Consultant 857
Martin, Lisa Camp Seneca Lake Registrar/Accounts Payable & Receivable 273
Maxon, Rachel Director of Fitness and Personal Training 265
Meranto, Ralph CenterStage Artistic Director 236
O'Rourke, Christine Director, Human Resources 230
Payne, Jody Housekeeping Supervisor 880
Pearlberg, Craig Member Relations Representative 288
Pickus, Neil Camp Seneca Lake Assistant Director 223
Polizzi, Lyndsay Director, Marketing 284
Redmond, Valerie Director, Group Fitness & Wellness 271
Ruda, Michele Clinical Social Worker, The Resource Place 232
Russo, Mary Chief Financial Officer 293
Schneider, Freyda Director of TYKEs (Theatre Young Kids Enjoy) 269
Shellman, Jill Director, Wolk Children's Center 505
Smith, Meghan Women's Spa & SitterService Supervisor 254
Sohinki, Arnie Executive Director 220
Van Houten, Andy Facilities Director 266
Walker, Debra Director of Philanthropy 258
West, Robert Aquatics Director 289
Whitbeck, Carolyn Manager, Youth Sports, Leagues & Activity Centers 290