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Our programming offers exposure to a wide variety of activities, along with an opportunity for campers to choose what activity they want to participate in.  All of our camp options include swimming, nature, and Jewish culture.

Stripe 1 Content:

Traditional (Grades K-2)

Dates: Monday, July 1 through August 23

Rates: $300/week Member: $250/week

Please note: Camp is CLOSED on Thursday, July 4, 2019. Week 1 of camp will be pro-rated. 

Campers will have a well-rounded camp experience, with exposure to a variety of activities including arts & crafts, music, nature, Israeli Culture, athletics, drama and adventure. We emphasize opportunities to increase independence, explore, and play. 

Stripe 2 Content:

Traditional (Grades 3-6)

Dates: Monday, July 1 through August 23

Rates: $300/week    Member: $250/week

Please note: Camp is CLOSED on Thursday, July 4, 2019. Week 1 of camp will be pro-rated. 

Campers will have a well-rounded camp experience, with many opportunities to participate in the activity of their choosing. For these campers, we provide activities that dive deeper in to the subject matter, allowing for a deeper understanding, and development of skills. These campers will also have the opportunity to experience late nights and overnights, as well as some field trips. 

Stripe 3 Content:

TYKEs’ Kid Stage 3-6

Dates: July 8 through August 23

Rates: $300/week    Member: $250/week

Since 2004, TYKEs (Theatre Young Kids Enjoy) has been dazzling audiences with best-loved children's stories, fairy tales and literature presented live on stage by our area's most renowned adult professional actors. TYKEs' inspires an appreciation of the arts, fosters an awareness of literature and promotes communications and social interaction skills while teaching important life lessons. TYKEs consistently ranks as the #1 Children's Theatre Company in Rochester by KidsOutAndAbout.com, and one of the top ten most popular places in all of Rochester to bring kids. Last summer, TYKEs expanded to include TYKEs KidStage at Camp Sisol. Now in our 15th season, TYKEs boasts our best-ever lineup of award-winning performances on stage at the JCC, we've added theater classes and vacation camps to our repertoire AND we're delighted to return for another spectacular full summer of theater camp! There's no better place in the nation than TYKEs KidStage at Camp Sisol to have a fun-filled summer camp adventure PLUS an extraordinary theater experience.

At KidStage, your camper's days will be chock-full of wholesome outdoor activities — including daily swimming, and crafts and sports hobbies. Without even realizing it, your camper will also be...

  • improving their reading and literary skills, analyzing scripts and reading out loud every day
  • receiving music lessons with our professional music expert - while we sing, we also spend time learning musical concepts and some basic note reading
  • boosting their health and fitness while learning dance elements with our professional choreographer
  • expanding teamwork and socialization skills
  • learning to brainstorm and use critical thinking skills
  • enhancing their poise, self-esteem, public speaking, articulation, and confidence
  • ... all while making new friends and having a blast!

Stripe 4 Content:

Hobby Camp - Grades K-6

Dates: August 26 through August 30

Rates: $300/week    Member: $250/week

Hours: 9am-4pm, before and after camp care available

Hobby camp offers a unique opportunity for campers to devote an entire week to one particular activity. Hobby choices include arts & crafts, athletics, adventure/nature, and drama. Within each hobby choice, specific skills will be introduced and practice to help campers increase their knowledge and ability. Campers enjoy extended free swim time every day.

Campers will be divided by their hobby choice, not necessarily by age. Age divisions are at the discretion of the hobby leader based on a number of criteria including the number of campers in the various age groups within the hobby.

Stripe 5 Content:

Grades 7-9

Stripe 6 Content:

Grade 10 - CIT