JCC Day Camp

General Questions

Where is Camp?

Beginning in Summer 2019, Camp will be located at the Louis S. Wolk JCC on Edgewood Ave. Click here for the map!

What are the hours of Camp?

Camp goes from 9am until 4pm. There is before camp care and after camp care available from 7am-6pm. Drop off begins at 8:45am, and pick-up is from 3:45-4:15pm. 

Are campers divided into groups at camp?

Campers are divided into units based on grade entering the September following camp. Within the larger unit, they are subdivided in to smaller groups of about 10-15 campers (depending upon enrollment). 

Does my child have to be Jewish to attend Camp?

No! Camp is open to children of all backgrounds. Camp is a Jewish cultural setting, and children of other faiths don't feel excluded or intimidated.

Daily Activities

What activities will my child participate in at camp?

Campers participate in a variety of activities including arts & crafts, drama, athletics, nature, and adventure. All campers are encouraged to try all of the activities. You can read more about our activities or view an overview of our daily schedule.

What should my child bring to camp every day?

A water bottle, sunscreen, bathing suit and towel, and be wearing closed toed/closed heeled shoes. You may opt to leave extra clothes in your child's cubby at camp, which will be returned on your child's last day.

What are late nights and overnight?

Late nights and overnights give our campers the opportunity to stay at camp beyond the regular camp hours to engage in outdoor activities. These are optional events that campers may choose to participate in. 


How do I contact my child's Unit Head (staff member in charge of specific age group)?

You can find your child's unit head's contact information on the Contact Us page of our website. You may also reach your child's unit head by calling the camp office during camp hours.

Will I be able to meet my child's Unit Head and counselors?

We have an open house the before camp starts where parents are invited to come visit camp with their child to meet the unit head, counselors, and other campers who will be in their child's unit.

Meals and Snacks

Do I need to send lunch with my child?

Yes! Because Camp Sisol is a Kosher environment, we ask that lunches be vegetarian. Morning and afternoon snack will be provided daily. We happily accommodate all dietary restrictions and allergies. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your child's individual needs

What does a "Kosher" meal mean?

"Kosher" pertains to the way in which food is prepared. Certain animals are not considered to be Kosher, and therefore are not eaten at camp (ex. pigs, shellfish). Meat and dairy are also never combined in the same meal, and we wait a certain amount of time before serving dairy after a meat lunch. Separate utensils, pots/pans, etc. are used for meat and dairy meals, and are never used interchangeably.


My child has special needs. How do I communicate what he/she will need at camp?

There will be an opportunity during the registration process to indicate any needs or concerns. Once the information has been received, we will contact you to discuss in greater detail. We will discuss any concerns you may have, and work together to implement a strategy for your child to streamline the transition from school to camp. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have about the program.

Health and Safety

What happens if my child gets sick at camp?

If a child becomes ill while at camp, he or she will be taken to see our camp nurse. The nurse will treat the child to the best of his or her abilities. A child will be sent home if he or she is throwing up or develops a fever higher than 101 degrees. If the child's illness becomes serious or requires care beyond basic first aid, 911 will be called, and the child may be taken to the hospital.

What happens if it rains during camp?

While we like to think it will always be sunny at Camp, there are days when there will be rainy or cold weather. We have covered spaces available for use on rainy days, as well as access to the JCC building. Depending upon the severity of the weather, the Camp Director will decide whether we will have a normal daily schedule or implement an alternative plan.

My child will need to take medication during the day. How do I get medication to camp?

You may drop medication off to our designated person at camp. Medication WILL NOT be accepted if it does not meet the following guidelines:        

  • Medication is in its original container. If you need an extra container, your pharmacy will provide one for you at no additional cost.
  • Medication is clearly labeled with your child's name. 
  • The correct medication, dose, and administration are clearly indicated on the label.
  • There is a medication administration consent form, either on file or handed in with the medication, that matches the information on the medication.