TYKEs J-Cation Camps

When registering for J-Cation Camps, choose from the traditional track (field trips, crafts, interest based activities, etc.), a day of drama, or a day of sports and fitness! Take a look at what will be happening in the TYKEs theater track.

TYKEs J-Cation Camps 

For kids who love theatre, TYKEs offers J-Cation camp during school breaks including Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, December break, February break and Spring break! Contact Freyda Schneider at TYKEs at (585) 461-2000, ext. 269 for details. 

Optional before and aftercare from 7-9am and 5:30-6pm available at no additional cost.

Ages 8+

Monday, April 2 through Friday, April 6, 7am-6pm 

Cost per day: $74 JCC Members: $63 Gesher participants: $53

Spring break TYKEs J-Cation Camp:

Join TYKEs for a brand new “Playmation” camp during April break. Each morning, we’ll use Play-Doh and other crafty materials to create unique claymation characters, build clever mini-sets and film our own stop-motion projects. Campers can join us for one day, all five days or any amount in between. Each afternoon features additional fun activities such as InZone, swimming, games and crafts.

Instructor: Freyda Schneider