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Novelist James Lane Allen wrote that “adversity does not build character, it reveals it.

In recent months, we've been thinking a lot about what differentiates our JCC family. We are a community of people who care about people. During this crisis, our members and supporters have accomplished some truly incredible feats that not only demonstrate their caring for people, but that reveal a magnitude of character.

We are going to feature members, partners, and supporters from our JCC community that are making a difference as part of a new series, Member Mitzvahs. Their efforts deserve a spotlight.

Today, we'd like to introduce you to Dr. Bridgette Wiefling.

Bridgette Weifling

Dr. Bridgette Wiefling helped spearhead Rochester Regional Health’s effort to “explode telehealth” across their entire network of soon-to-be-eight hospitals and more than 100 primary care sites – including the JCC – with 18,000 employees serving 16 counties throughout upstate New York. By connecting patients with medical staff from home or anywhere via computer, telehealth allows doctors to effectively treat patients while limiting COVID-19 exposure, and provide medical care for all ages and all illnesses. RRH has been a national leader in the telehealth industry with a 10+ track year history applying the technology to manage patient needs.

Dr. Wiefling worked with the Israeli company Datos, and a local company, Strategic Interests, to partner to improve and vastly expand their existing technology, creating a more robust product that could simultaneously manage many thousands of patients with complex COVID-19 needs. She then helped broker an arrangement between Datos and Monroe County to help manage those testing positive for COVID-19 locally. This approach was a blessing for COVID-19 patients who were sick and isolated – medical staff could touch base with them throughout the day to ensure their well-being.

Her and her team are further leveraging technology to facilitate the wellness partnership between RRH and the JCC. This means that all children enrolled in our Wolk Children's Center for daycare or hybrid learning care can receive primary care right here at the J every weekday, all day long. An RRH nurse conducts any necessary health assessment and connects the child, parent and primary care physician via telehealth. With this concierge service, parents don’t have to leave work to pick up their child and take them to the pediatrician.

To make all of this possible, in her words, if you “bring smart, credible, passionate people who are trying to do the right thing into the same room, they can create magic.”

Anyone who wishes to connect to a RRH provider can call 922-CARE for help.