Parties & Special Occasions

Whether you're planning a birthday party, banquet or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we have the facilities and packages to make your day special, personal, and easy.

Birthday Parties at the JCC

Plan your child's next birthday party here at the JCC! Let our staff entertain your kids and run the party for you. All party packages include birthday child plus 12 of their friends (siblings included in guest count), a JCC Host to run the show, 1 sheet cheese pizza and drinks, paper products in your child's 2 favorite colors (table cloths, napkins, cups, plates, balloons and plasticware), and a t-shirt for the birthday child to remember their special day!

  • 70' Obstacle Course (2 hours / ages 4 and up)SNL-Premier-Bounce House 046
    (only available 2nd Saturday of each month)
    Bounce House (45 min)
    Enjoy our most popular choice!  This obstacle course bounce house will definately keep your children entertained!  The entire gymnasium is privately yours.  Other games / toys will be used as this time too!
    Choice of InZone or PlayGym (45 min)
    $350    Member: $300   

  • Bouncing Around (2 hours / up to age 6)
    Enjoy 2 hours of private room with bounce house, toys and games or optional 45 minutes in the PlayGym at no additional cost.  This is a favorite option for little ones!
    $325    Member: $275 

  • Slither Away (2 hours)
    Reptile Show (45 min)

    Kids will be blown away with over 14 different varieties of reptiles.  They will have a chance to learn about each one, pet and take great family & memorable photos at the end!
    Choice of InZone or PlayGym (45 min)
    $350    Member:  $300
  • Sports Party (2 hours)
    Your child can pick their favorite sport and have their entire party team up to play!  Play in the gymnasium or outside on our field.Choose from a variety of sports.
    Party Room (30 min)
    $325    Member:  $275 
  • Twinkle Toes (2 hours)
    100 1590Dancing (45 min)
    Children of all ages will love to learn dance moves with one of our best instructors.  Music choice and dance moves will be age appropriate.
    Choice of InZone or PlayGym (45 min)
    $350    Member: $300  
  • Splash Away (2 hours) (ages 2 and up)
    Children will enjoy 1 hour and 15 min in our brand new state-of-art pool.  They willl have with either our Dragon or Dalmation Dog huge pool float that they will surely love to climb and ride along on.  
    Party Room (30 min)
    $350    Member: $300 
  • Swim-n-Play (2 hours) (ages 6 and up)
    Pool (45 min)
    Two lanes will be reserved for your party, along with very own lifeguard!
    Kids will be tested in order to go into deep end.  They will enjoy huge inftlatable 
    pool toys as well.
    Choice of InZone or PlayGym (30 min)
    $350     Member $300
  • Clowning Around (2 hours)
    Clown Entertainment (45 min)

    Kids will love to be entertained with a clown that will sure make them laugh!  Each child will also receive a balloon animal to take home.  Face Painting is an option as well.
    Choice of InZone or PlayGym (45 min)
    Party Room (30 min)
    $350    Member: $300 
  • Presto it's Magic! (2 hours)
    Magic Show (45 min)
    Children will be entertained with magic where the birthday child is the star assistant!
    Choice of InZone or PlayGym (45 min)
    Party Room (30 min)
    $350    Member: $300  
  • Mini Ark-n-Play (2 hours)
    Animals! (45 min)
    Children will be introduced to over a dozen small animals (Monkeys, rabbits, goats, turtles and more).
    Choice of InZone or PlayGym (45 min)
    Party Room (30 min)
    $350    Member: $300 
  • Giddy Up (2 hours)
    Pony Rides (1 hour)
    Each rider will be accompanied by a trainer for a great pony ride experience.  While the other children wait, they can enjoy the playground, arts-n-crafts or the PlayGym
    Choice of InZone or PlayGym (30 min)
    Party Room (30 min)
    $350    Member: $300 
  • Movie in Pool (2.5 hours)
    Bring your child's favorite DVD movie to our swimming pool!  Lights are dim, children may choose to sit on floaties or splash away as they watch their show on a huge screen.Our new pool is reserved just for your party!  This option is for children ages 6 and up and only held Saturday evenings 6:00-8:30pm.
    Party Room (30 min)
    $375   Member: $325



PlayGym: (ages 2-10) Socks must be worn in this room. This room has a huge climbing and sliding structure for kids to run through along with a rock climbing wall and mats to play on.

Obstacle Course Bounce House: (ages 4 and up) Enormous 70' inflatable that kids will love to race through again and again. Entire gymnasium will be reserved for your party which will also include scooters, parachute, balls, hula hoops, etc.

Bounce House: (up to age 6) Huge inflatible with area for kids to jump around in.  Ideal for small children!

InZone: (ages 6-14) This room is for our older kids who love to play Dance Dance Revolution, Wii, X-Box, and cardio equipment specially made for kids. Sneakers must be worn.

Gymnasium: (ages 2-14) A variety of games and sports can be played in our gymnasium including hockey, volleyball, soccer, dodgeball, parachute, scooters, hula hoops and basketball.


Add Ons:

  • Vendor................................................$50
    (reptile, clown, magician, pony, skating)
  • 70' Obstacle Course Bounce House........$50
  • Pool.....................................................$50
  • Bounce House......................................$50
  • Arts-n-Crafts.........................................$25
  • 30 minutes extra...................................$50
  • Additional children.................................$10 each
  • Sheet cheese pizza...............................$20 each

A $50 deposit is required when booking your party. 

Contact Shelby Dodds to reserve your date today!

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Parties at the JCC

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In addition to children's birthday parties, the JCC is a great place to host your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration. We will create a unique event that your family will remember forever! Activities can include cocktail hour, dinner, DJ, dancing, swimming,  sports, projected media and more!

All-Inclusive Package: $5,550

  • Includes: up to 150 guests, 5-6 hours, 5 staff, 2 auditorium rooms, gymnasium with microphone and music, tables and chairs, table and napkin linens, heavy duty durable white plastic plates -dinner and dessert, heavy duty flatware, plastic cups-choice of color, balloons, decorations, pillars, mirrors, votive candle/vases centerpieces, set-up and clean up of rooms, banners, posters/signage, microphone and podium, stage, plants around room, housekeeping, background music, seperate coat room
    $6,300 - up to 225 guests

Contact Shelby Dodds for further details and information.