K’tanim: Observant Jewish curriculum for 3 and 4-year-olds

The K'tanim class provides educational opportunities for Jewish children, providing a blend of developmentally appropriate activities for social, emotional, academic and physical growth in a traditional Jewish setting. Our class is centered on the Torah Umesorah Curriculum for Preschool. We stress the individual child and his or her enjoyment of the school day, building a positive foundation for future learning.

The curriculum incorporates davening, brachot, rituals and Hebrew language activities in combination with developmentally appropriate early childhood experiences. The K'tanim program runs 8:30am to 1pm with the opportunity to add afternoons from 1-3pm Monday-Thursday.  In order to run the 1-3 program, a minimum of 5 children must be enrolled. K'tanim has a separate calendar that reflects religious Jewish holiday observances.


Typical Day

8:30am Arrival and Free Play
9:30am Circle Time and Davening
10am Snack
10:30am Learning Centers and Theme-Related Activities
Outdoor Play when possible
Swimming, PlayGym, Gym as scheduled
12pm Lunch and Bentching
12:30pm Mitzvah Mail, Story Time
1pm Half-Day Pick-Up
*1pm-3pm Extension of morning activities
3pm Pick-Up

* Minimum enrollment of 5 children for the 1-3 program Monday-Thursday