The Clear Choice

Studies confirm what we at the JCC have known for years, young children learn best through active exploration and play. What is great fun to a child is actually a carefully planned approach to help develop their essential social, emotional, physical, spiritual and academic skills.

The Wolk Children's Center's hands-on curriculum encourages participation and builds self-confidence. We help children become active participants in school and in life, developing their individual skills and talents, and building the foundation for a lifetime filled with the joy of learning.

The JCC Wolk Child Care Center Provides:

  • A safe nurturing environment with dedicated educators who are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of young children, and who understand that children learn best through hands on experiential play.
  • The main focus of our program is to provide experiences for children to develop their social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual growth.
  • A developmentally appropriate general and Judaic curriculum, offering learning opportunities in the areas of values, literacy, language development, cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills, social science, music and movement, and much more.
  • Full (7am – 6pm) and half (7am – 1pm) day options. Infants 8 weeks through 18 months are required to attend 5 full days a week as cribs are not shared. All other age groups have a 3 day minimum weekly schedule. Parents never need to compromise an exemplary early education and outstanding care for their children.
  • Enrichment activities including music, PlayGym, gym classes and swim (for 3's & 4's).
  • A gross motor/multi-purpose room specifically designed of our young population.
  • Beautiful, fully equipped classrooms with individual children's cubbies, windows which allow plenty of natural light, and kitchenettes, allowing accommodations for individual diets and respect for Kosher dietary laws.
  • One-way windows to observe your child in his or her classroom.
  • Direct access from classrooms to age-appropriate outdoor play areas.
  • Therapy spaces for children requiring services such as speech, occupational/physical therapy.