Values and Approach

Everyone is welcome!

Our classrooms are communities for children of all backgrounds set within a Jewish context. As a result, children gain a deeper sense of their identity and an awareness that they belong to a diverse and dynamic community. Our approach to Jewish content is about exposure, experience, and values-- not religious practice. At the JCC, your entire family can enjoy everything that makes the JCC community a one-of-a-kind place!

The JCC Wolk Children's Center welcomes children with special needs. We strive to meet the child at his or her level, and accommodate their needs. We guide them toward the next step in their development.

Education in Child Care?

Parents never need to compromise an exemplary early learning experience with high quality care for their children. The JCC Wolk Children's Center is a preschool that meets the needs of families. Each day is filled with learning opportunities to connect your child's natural curiosity with new skills, concepts and values.
We offer a richly varied curriculum that encourages intellectual curiosity, builds self-confidence, and incorporates all areas of a child's development. We believe this is best accomplished through stimulating interest center's (including creative art, literacy, a wide variety of manipulatives, block and dramatic play areas, sensory activities and more), hands-on activities, and a good balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities.

Children choose from a variety of activities, materials, and equipment; taking time to explore, while adults facilitate and stimulate children's thinking. Teacher-directed activities provide experiences to foster social skills and emotional maturity, as well as strengthen cognitive and physical growth.

Sensory, motor, perceptual, and language skills are introduced through developmentally appropriate materials and activities. These activities are planned to emphasize the process rather than the product, instilling a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Children work in small groups, large groups and individually, to stimulate healthy social development. In addition, there is time for the children to process and reflect.

Our progressive curriculum is designed to help children learn more about their world, their heritage and their values. We provide opportunities to develop healthy social attitudes and a positive sense of self.

Our Faculty

At the heart of our program are experienced, educated, and enthusiastic teachers who love children and love to teach. Together with specialists, they combine their creativity and loving care to foster each child's growth. Our teachers are involved with your child every moment of the day; instructing, interacting, guiding, observing and assessing. They take the time to discover the unique and special qualities in each child, because children need to feel accepted and valued in order to thrive.

Program Enrichments

Complementing our daily core program, children participate in a variety of enrichment programs including music, physical education and swim (for preschool and pre-k classes). We have a special Gross Motor Room for our youngest population that provides opportunities for exploration and discovery. Children two and older enjoy a special gross motor room called the PlayGym inclusive of a climbing wall, netted climbing maze and more.