Today at the JCC

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Time Program Location
5-6:30am 5 Lap Lanes; 1 Water Walking Lane
5-8:45am Beginner/Intermediate Pickleball
5am-12pm 4 Lap Lanes; 2 Open Lanes
5am-9:30pm 4-5 Lap Lanes, 1-2 Aquatic Activity Lanes
5:45-6:45am BodyPump™
7:30-8:45am Open Swim
8-9am Mixed Levels Pilates
8am-8pm Pickleball Private Lessons - Single
8am-8pm Pickleball Private Lessons - Double
8am-8pm Open Swim
8am-8pm Pickleball Private Lessons (3 or more)
9-10:30am Cardio Fit
9am-1pm Marquetry
9:15-10am Balance Fusion
9:15-10:15am Pilates Group Reformer/Chair Classes
9:15-10:15am Cardio Fit
9:15-10:15am BodyPump™
9:45-11am Open Swim
10-10:45am Zumba®
10:30-11:30am Open Gym
10:30-11:45am Power Vinyasa Yoga
10:45-11:30am Barre
11-11:45am Zumba® Gold
11-11:45am Aquaerobics
11am-1pm Current Events
11:30am-2pm Open Pickleball
11:45am-4pm Open Swim
12-12:45pm Cycling
12-1pm Stretching the Limits
12-3pm 5 Lap Lanes; 1 Water Walking Lane
2-4pm Open Gym
3-4:30pm 4 Lap Lanes; 2 Open Lanes
4-4:30pm Stages 1, 2, 3
4-5:30pm Youth Programs
4-6pm Swim Lessons $
4:30-5pm Stages 2 & 3
4:30-5pm Stages 4, 5
4:30-5:20pm Winter Kid's Run Club Session 2
4:30-5:30pm Winter Comic Books: Appreciation & Creation
4:30-5:45pm Mixed Levels Vinyasa Yoga
4:30-5:45pm 3 Lanes reserved for Group Swim Lessons
4:30-5:45pm 1 Lap Lanes; 2 Open Lanes; 3 Swim Lesson Lanes ($)
4:45-5:30pm Barre
5-5:30pm Winter Yoga for Kids Session 2
5-5:45pm JCC Jellyfish - 1 Practice per week
5-5:45pm JCC Jellyfish - 2 Practices per week
5-5:45pm JCC Jellyfish - 3 Practices per week
5:30-6:30pm Open Gym
5:45-6:30pm Zumba®
5:45-6:45pm BodyPump™
5:45-7:30pm 5 Lap Lanes; 1 Water Walking Lane
6-6:45pm H.I.I.T. Cycle
6-7pm Mixed Levels Pilates
6:30-7:30pm Aqua Zumba®
6:30-7:45pm Competitive Season- Floor Hockey Spring '19
6:30-8:30pm Adult Floor Hockey
7-7:45pm Boxing Class
7-8:30pm DROP IN STUDENT Floor Hockey Spring '19
7-8:30pm DROP IN Floor Hockey Spring '19
7:15-8:30pm Power Vinyasa Yoga
7:30-9:30pm 4 Lap Lanes; 2 Open Lanes
7:45-9pm Open Play (season) STUDENT Floor Hockey Spring '19
7:45-9pm Open Play (season) ADULT Floor Hockey Spring '19