Yin Yoga

Sundays, 1:15pm; Yoga Studio
A restorative class designed to release tension, calm the nervous system, and teach the body to sit still. Suitable for all levels.
Instructor: Liza S
Free for members

Meditation for Life & Work

Saturdays, June 2-23
Yoga Studio
Improve your daily life through mindful practices of meditation, breath work and journaling.
No experience necessary.
Instructor: Tyler Pearce
Drop-in: $15
Member: $12


Total Wellness

Your Path to Total Wellness Starts at the JCC

The JCC is your partner to total wellness. Let’s take this journey together! 
Bring balance to your life through the five pillars of total wellness. Our dedicated staff of personal trainers, meditation and mindfulness experts, and nutrition consultants will help you take your first step on the path to wellness. We will work with you to identify your fitness, nutrition and mindset goals and provide you with the tools to spark motivation and moving.

June is the month to focus on RESTORATION.

A key to overall wellness is in rest and restoration. Allow your mind and body to heal as you take on your journey to total health. The JCC can provide a place for relaxation through meditation, yoga, or enjoying family time at the pool all of which contribute to healthful restoration and well-being. 

The JCC’s five pillars of total wellness:

5 Pillars of Total Wellness

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Dance ClassFitness Schedules:

Whether you prefer high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga or low-impact aqua aerobics the JCC has what you are looking for. Take a look at our fitness schedules built for your lifestyle.

Personal trainerMembership Rates:

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