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Monthly memberships are recurring until a written notice to cancel has been received and confirmed. To do so, simply email BetterTogether@jccrochester.org. Cancellations must be received no later than 30 days prior to the next billing cycle. There are no refunds issued for non-usage. A reason for cancelling will be required to cancel your account.

*promotional offers may have different requirements. Call Member Services at 585-461-2000 for details.


We allow memberships to be put on hold for a maximum of 4 months in a rolling 12-month period. Placing the membership on hold keeps the membership active with no monthly membership dues, but there is a monthly charge of $20/month for the hold. If the membership unit t is made inactive, a joining fee of $75 will be charged when joining again. 

We also offer holds for spa membership. Spa memberships can be put on hold for a maximum of 4 months in a rolling 12-month period. Placing the spa membership on hold keeps the spa membership active with no monthly spa membership dues and allows members to retain their current spa locker. There is a monthly charge of $20/month for a spa hold. If a spa membership is made inactive, all items will need to be removed from locker.  Spa holds are only offered based on availability – if the spa is full, we won’t be able to offer the option.


The Louis S. Wolk JCC of Greater Rochester is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members, visitors and staff. To promote safety and comfort for all, we ask individuals to act appropriately at all times when they are in our facility or participating in our programs and abide by the following policies:

All persons shall enter the JCC in an authorized manner by scanning in at Member Services desk. Guests and visitors will be asked for additional information, including proof of identification, on initial visit.

Children under 13 must be accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian when not attending a supervised program. Some exceptions may apply. If you are unsure, please check with the staff.

Any expression of discrimination, based on actual or perceived: race (including traits historically associated with race, such as hair texture and protective hairstyles), color, creed, religion (including wearing attire, clothing or facial hair in accordance with the tenets of religion), sex (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions and transgender status), gender identity or expression, an employee’s or dependent’s reproductive health decisions, familial status, national origin, physical or mental disability (including gender dysphoria and being a certified medical marijuana patient), genetic information (including predisposing genetic characteristics), age (18 and over), veteran status, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, certain arrest or conviction records, domestic violence victim status, and any other status protected by law.

Any demonstration of sexual harassment, including sexually suggestive language or touching, leering, staring or watching, and invading personal space or stalking (including on social media), will not be tolerated.

Fighting or physical threats, taunting or bullying, and the use of loud, disruptive, vulgar, hateful or abusive language are prohibited.

All people using the JCC are expected to adhere to the posted schedules for usage of all our facilities including the gym, public areas, pools, fitness center, etc.

To protect privacy, the use of any device with the ability to take photographs or video is only permitted in the locker rooms when you are directly in front of your locker or in the spa lounge area.  

Members and visitors may not use or possess illegal substances on JCC property, in JCC vehicles or JCC sponsored programs or loiter on our property.

Members and visitors may not carry or conceal any weapons, devices or objects that may be perceived as weapons.

The JCC and its property are smoke-free environments; smoking and vaping is not permitted in or outside the JCC.

Prior approval is required for photography and videography, or to post or distribute any written material in the building. Solicitation is not permitted.

Any suspicious or inappropriate behaviors shall be reported to the JCC Staff. Members and guests should not hesitate to notify staff if assistance is needed.

Packages or bags shall not be left unattended at any time. People shall report any unattended packages to the JCC Staff.

The JCC, through its Chief Executive Director, Safety Director, Manager on Duty, and Membership Team reserves the right to remove from the premises any individual acting in an inappropriate manner and further reserves the right for further disciplinary actions including, but not limited to, the cancellation of membership.

I have read and understand the JCC’s Code of Conduct above. I agree to abide by the rules described and understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action if I violate any of the rules.

Individuals and families are welcome to use the JCC facilities based upon the fee schedule below,
provided that a current member hosts them.

ONE DAY GUEST PASS with Member Host

One Day Guest Pass


Facility Access + Fitness Classes

$15/Adult, $5/Child (12 and under)


$30/Adult (18+)


  • All one-day guests MUST have a sponsoring member. Guests and Members must enter and exit the JCC together.
  • Only one spa guest per day is allowed per spa member. Guest passes that include the spa may not be available if the spa is at capacity membership.



One Week Guest Pass


Facility Access + Fitness Classes

$40/Adult, $20/Child (12 and under)


  • On the guest’s first visit, they must complete and sign a guest agreement and provide a photo ID. It will take a few minutes to complete the guest entry process when you arrive, please plan accordingly.
  • Guest passes must be paid for at the time of use with a credit card.
  • Fitness Classes reservations can be made once the pass is activated.
  • You must be 13 years old to be in the facility without an adult. Members 13 years and under are not permitted to bring guests.

If you are a prospective member, please visit or call our Membership Office at 585.461.2000 for more information about all the JCC has to offer or join online now https://jccrochester.org/offer/ 

Contact Member Services or Program Manager

Notice of Cancellation:
• 15+ days prior to program start: full refund
• 8–14 days prior to program start: 75% credit
• 4–7 days prior to program start: 50% credit
• 1–3 days prior to program start: 25% credit
• No refunds offered on or after start of program

CenterStage or Concert Series ticket cancellations, contact centerstage@jccrochester.org

Wolk Children’s Center, Before + After Care or Camp, please reference your enrollment contract or contact your Program Director.

Personal Training packages cannot be refunded.

We offer 15+ class formats, free with your membership. Registration is not required for these classes, these are on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Fitness Class add-on is required to attend Specialty classes. Registration is required and opens 7 days prior. With the add-on, you’ll have access to all the fitness classes that we offer.

  • Children ages 9+ may attend class with parent/guardian
  • Children ages 13+ may attend independently
  • Class capacities are determined by appropriate physical distancing, equipment, available space, and member safety.
  • Please wear proper footwear + attire. Some classes have been moved to one of the Draper Dance studios, noted on schedule as DSB. No street shoes or dark-soled shoes are allowed in this studio. Please do not cut through any of the Draper Dance studios.

At the Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible environment for your child. Our policies and guidelines are in place to ensure that all children in the Center are safe, secure and receive only the highest quality care all while participating in activities that are stimulating and fun!

Our limited entry system means that the doors of the Family Room are locked at all times and only parents dropping off or picking up children are allowed in.

We adhere to strict pick-up procedures. Staff check photo I.D. if needed when a child is picked up. Please do not be offended if you are repeatedly asked for I.D. It is for the safety of your child. Children will only be released to those persons listed on the registration form.

JCC safety and security protocols are in place and advanced training takes place will all Family Room staff. We have the support of the full JCC team in case of emergencies and communicate via a variety of options to ensure an immediate response – 2-way radio, cell phone, landlines and overhead paging system.

We regularly inspect all toys to be sure that they are safe and appropriate for the children in our center.

Our custom Play Gym structure is enclosed with top netting and age-appropriate platform heights for children. The only open areas of the structure are surrounded by approved safety surfacing. This ensures a safe area for children to play.

The JCC takes great pride in providing a clean environment for your child. We use a peroxide-based sanitizer on a regular basis to clean toys and surfaces in the family areas. We also ask that children use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the play spaces. Our staff wash their hands regularly upon entering the room, after outdoor play, after every diaper change and as needed. The changing table and bathrooms are sanitized after each use.

Upon your first visit, we ask that you complete the registration and other necessary forms as well as thoroughly read our policies. It is very important for the health and safety of all children and staff that you abide by our policies.

Please be aware that is a drop-in only service, parents must remain in the building and be available to be reached by cell phone or overhead paging system. If a parent leaves the building while their child is in our care, we may no longer be able to provide the drop-in service to the family.

Please note that the last drop off time is 30 minutes before closing on any day.

There will be a late fee of $5 every five minutes that a child is picked up after the end of your reservation.

Advance registration is required and payment is due at the time of registration.

Please note: We do not offer refunds for services purchased. If you find that you are unable to attend the time you reserved, please notify us as soon as possible.

Services are billed based on the time your child is in our care. There is a one-hour minimum and a two-hour maximum. Billing is charged in 30-minute increments.

The JCC Family Room does not provide snacks. There is a table for snacks if you choose to bring one for your child.

As many young children are allergic to peanuts, we respectfully ask parents to please not bring any type of peanut products for your child.

Drop Off + Pick Up
As stated above, a reservation is required prior to the time of drop off. Upon arrival to the Family Room, please remove your child’s and your shoes, and leave all belongings outside the door in the cubbies (except for diapers and snack, if applicable).

You will complete the sign in sheet and add any notes as needed. For your family’s safety, a Family Room Team member will fasten a bracelet with your name on it to you and your child.

Upon pick up you will need to sign your child out with the time and your signature. If someone other than the person who dropped off is picking up, the person must be an authorized pick up (designated on the registration form or
the sign in sheet) and we reserve the right to ask for photo I.D. We will not release your child to anyone under the age of 18, even if it is a sibling.

Healthy Children
In order to provide a safe and clean environment for all children, we ask that you please do not bring an ill child to our Center. The JCC Family Team reserves the right to refuse ill children, and if a staff member notices signs of an ill child, the parent will be called and asked to pick up the child immediately.

The following are guidelines of symptoms of children considered ill:
(a child must be free of these symptoms 24 hours, without medication prior to a visit)
• Temperature of 100 degrees or higher
• Red, watery eyes (pink eye)
• Undiagnosed rash
• Excessive runny nose/ sneezing
• Excessive cough
• Sore throat
• Vomiting within the past 24 hours
• 3 instances of Diarrhea
We ask that all children are up to date on their immunizations. Children who have not been immunized will not be accepted into the center unless they have a state-approved exemption letter.

*** We do not administer medication of any kind ***

With the exception of emergency medications; EpiPen or inhaler in a life-threatening emergency.
If your child is prescribed an EpiPen or inhaler, please let us know and complete the proper paperwork prior to your first visit.

Personal Belongings
Cubbies are provided for children’s personal belongings such as shoes, diapers or change of clothing. We ask that all children do not wear shoes in the play spaces, socks are required. Please be sure to label sippy cups and snacks clearly with your child’s full name. We ask that you please not bring any personal toys as we provide plenty of activities for your child. We are not responsible for any toys or electronics that are brought into the Center.

Potty Training
We will assist in potty training with any child, but we need your help. Please bring the necessary supplies (diapers, pull-ups, wipes, change of clothing) and let staff members know where your child is in this process. We will do our best to keep the routine and make sure that the child takes frequent potty breaks.

Emergency Procedures
There will always be a staff member on duty that is CPR and First Aid certified and trained to handle emergencies. We have all emergency numbers posted and a fully stocked first aid kit. Even with all of the safety precautions in place, accidents are possible. Parents will be notified in the event of an accident. If a child has a serious or life-threatening injury, please be advised that the emergency personal will be notified first and the parent second.

Discipline Policy
At the JCC, we promote good behavior through praise, modeling and positive support. In the event that a child displays poor behavior, he or she will be corrected first through redirection, and if necessary for safety reasons, separated from the group with supervision. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to a child whose behavior compromises the safety and well-being of other children.
Children who attend our center MUST be a minimum of 2 months of age and no older than 10 years (0 – 5 years for Family Room and 5 – 10 years in the Play Gym).

Separation Anxiety / Excessive Crying
Many children experience difficulty when separated from a parent. The Family Room staff is trained on positive approaches to redirect an upset child. Should crying persist for more than 15 minute and attempts to refocus the child are ineffective, the parent will be contacted and asked to return and comfort or remove the child from the room.

Definition of Drop-in Childcare
A childcare arrangement where care is provided while parents participate in fitness or wellness activities in the JCC and where parents are easily accessible. Parents must be able to be reached by telephone or overhead pager, and able to return to the play spaces within 10 minutes.

Our Commitment
As a JCC family, we feel honored and privileged that you entrust us with your children. You have our commitment to treat your child with care and respect. Please feel free to speak with us at any time about any questions or concerns that you may have.

1. Play for fun, exercise, socialization, and good competition accompanied by good sportsmanship.
2. It is your responsibility as a JCC open pickleball player to live our values and be kind and helpful to those who are learning. There will be instances where you are playing with or against players at a level of play different from yourself. You are to do your utmost to ensure the enjoyment of those around you.
3. Minimum age during open play is 12 years old
4. All players must know how to play and follow accepted pickleball rules
5. Format of play is open play. Open play means competitive games,
not recreational teaching.
6. Respect the line and kitchen call of both playing partner and opponents
7. Please use and follow the sign-up board. Winners only stay on if there are 2 or fewer
waiting to play. When 3 or more are waiting, the next 3 on board play on the next
available court.
8. When 2 or fewer are waiting to play, only 2 consecutive games are allowed by those
remaining on the court. (If you win two 2 games in a row when there are 2 or fewer
waiting, even though you won the second game, you must relinquish the court and sign
up again.)
9. If waiting player(s) chooses to not play as part of the next 4 players, the player(s) do not
move down the list rather they MUST go to the bottom of the waiting list.
10. Players must sign their own name. NO PLAYER on a court can have their name on the
board waiting for another game. The player must sign the board AFTER they finish their
current game.
11. A player cannot sign up another player who is currently playing
12. When 6 or more players are waiting, games are played first to 9, NO OVERTIME
13. Abusive or disrespectful language and behavior will not be tolerated
14. Players manipulating sign up procedures will face suspension from open play
15. All courts for doubles play, singles play is only permitted if there are not enough players
16. No pickleball during OPEN GYM times
17. The JCC reserves the right to update and/or change these guidelines at any time
18. Be respectful of all JCC staff decisions as they are final

Court Turnover and Use
• Reservations are not required
• To hold a court, one player must wait in the gallery above. All players must be ready to play. Groups can only wait for one court, it’s not “first available”
• Players must return to the gallery when finished with the game to wait their turn if there are others waiting to play
• Once a game begins, there is no restarting due to the addition or subtraction of players.

• Singles and doubles play to 21
• 3 person games to 15
• Server calls the score for each point

• Proper fitness attire is required including non-marking athletic shoes
• Racquets must have safety straps

• Profanity will not be tolerated
• Food and drinks are prohibited inside the court
• The JCC reserves the right to adjust these rules as necessary
• Please be respectful of all JCC Staff decisions as they are final

We continue to monitor the Monroe County, DOH and CDC regulations for COVID-19 guidance. We will adjust our practices as warranted. Member and employee safety are a priority. Masks are always welcome at the JCC.

NY Mask Mandate Update 2/9/2022

The NYS mask mandate has been lifted, effective  2/10/2022.

NY Mask Mandate Update 1/31/2022

The NYS mask mandate has been extended until 2/10/2022.

NY Mask Mandate Update 1/26/2022

The state’s mandate for indoor public places is back on. On Monday, January 24, a lower court in Nassau County ruled that the mandate was unconstitutional and the Governor’s authority to issue the mandate was non-existent, further arguing that any such mandate needed to be made by the state legislature. Yesterday, after a brief hearing, a NY Appeals Court ruled to stay the injunction that was put in place on Monday. The stay is a temporary measure to keep the mandate in place until the state can complete its appeals process. Businesses should continue to comply with the mask mandate, which is currently in effect until February 1, 2022. It may be extended beyond this date.  

Member Survey 12/10/21

  • We sent a member survey out to ask about the most recent mandate preference – allowing only fully vaccinated members in or asking everyone to wear masks, regardless of vaccine status. 

Member Survey 8/13/21

  • We sent a member survey out on 8/13/21 via email to inquire about current safety policies and potential changes to our policy.
  •  With 600+ responses received, it was clear that our community feels safe here with the current policies in place.
  • The majority of respondents said that they would be more comfortable here knowing that all members and member-facing staff are vaccinated or tested weekly.
  • If you didn’t receive the survey,  please make sure we have a current email address for you so you don’t miss any communication from us.
Staff Vaccination Rate
  •  We’re proud that 97% of our member-facing staff (Fitness, Aquatics, Spa and Membership) are fully vaccinated.

Policies are subject to change.

Form 990 for year-end 6/30/2022 can be obtained by emailing mmarsh@jccrochester.org

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The JCC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization