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Personalized Wellness

Train Smarter

Working with an expert just makes sense when you are trying to achieve your goals. 

One-on-one training, help with accountability, challenging yourself 

and learning what’s best for YOU is the smart way. 

We have personal trainers, Pilates and yoga trainers and a registered dietician to help you get to your goals faster.

Ready to get started?

Stop by Member Services or send us a message to learn more


Looking for a buddy to train with? Or a Pilates Reformer group? These lists were set up as a courtesy for members to connect with one another to pair up but we are not monitoring or managing these lists.  Personal Training   Pilates Reformer

Meet Our Trainers

Joy Valvano – Registered Dietitian + Mindfulness- Based Eating Instructor

Joy has been practicing as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist in the Rochester community since 2006. She believes it is essential to compassionately listen and partner with her clients.

As a mindfulness-based dietitian Joy’s intention is to provide nutrition counseling that guides her clients to meet their personal nutrition and health goals while integrating mindfulness-based eating practices that are enjoyable and sustainable.

In her free time, Joy is an avid runner, enjoys yoga, spending time cooking, and sharing food with family + friends.

Emma – Personal Trainer

Fitness and healthy living are her passions. Emma has experience with all avenues of fitness, but cross training, functional fitness and weight training are her go-tos.


For her day job, Emma is a NY state Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, helping adults with disabilities gain and maintain employment. She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Her goal with personal training is to help individuals regain their independence and sense of life satisfaction. Emma is patient but encouraging and focuses on meeting a person where they are at; working collaboratively to develop realistic, achievable goals. She specializes in working with individuals who may have a barrier and she is proficient adapting programming to accommodate individuals who have intellectual, developmental, neurological, or orthopedic impairments.

Zem – Personal Trainer 

Fitness is Zem’s whole life. His training has taken him to 32 different countries, including the Middle East, Europe, West Coast, and now Rochester. He is a fitness physique competitor and professional bodybuilder. He specializes in life coaching, particularly helping individuals combat depression through fitness. 

Nutrition and diet is his game. He can put anyone on a health plan that will work. The most important thing for him is results. He communicates effectively to ensure progression happens for each client. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or build muscle mass, Zem has the expertise needed to help. He believes that fitness is for YOU!

Outside of the gym, you’ll find Zem baking healthy goods or swimming as his cardio of choice.

Kathy – Personal Trainer + Pilates Reformer

Kathy understands that every client is different and prides herself on adapting workouts to each of their fitness levels and expertise. She works with people of varying fitness levels and goals to help them reach their physical potential so that they can enjoy life in a more fulfilling way.

Outside the gym, you can find Kathy hiking, traveling the world and spending  time with her family.

Carrie Block – Pilates Reformer

Carrie is a Pilates Reformer/Chair/Barrels Trainer and movement educator. For over 35 years, Carrie has been providing unique and individualized classes and sessions in dance, yoga, somatics, and “human movement” re-patterning. Ideally, she hopes that clients find freedom from pain, improvement of their posture, gait and breathing. Within themselves she hopes they sense improved brain/body connections and greater integral strength in their bodies as well as overall mindset. Carrie takes her movement practices off the mat and dives into nature, including hiking in the air of the White Mountains and waves of the Chesapeake. Carrie is part of a large, four generation family and her children grew up at the JCC. She lives with her spouse and their dog in Brighton.

Josh – Personal Trainer 

Josh attended Fredonia State for his BFA in Dance. He’s a certified yoga instructor and teaches yoga and dance at the JCC in addition to personal training. Josh’s training approach is based on a balance between strength, cardiorespiratory, mobility, and nutrition. Focusing on form and injury prevention. Improving everyday activities to specific training goals. Outside the gym Josh creates art, and enjoys hiking, camping, and cooking.

Adam – Personal Trainer

Adam seeks to serve each and every one of his clients with an active ear and an even bigger smile.

His training style focuses on precise form and injury prevention. He relishes the opportunity to provide creative programming for active agers who are encouraged to make fitness a part of their daily routine.

Outside the gym, you can find Adam on the ice playing hockey, enjoying some spicy Thai food, or watching his favorite sports team…Liverpool Football Club. 

Brian – Personal + Certified Functional Training Specialist

For the past 15 years, Brian has been helping others with their pursuit to a happier and healthier life through physical activity.

Brian believes in nurture over nature, paired with endless positive reinforcement with lots of encouragement as you work together to achieve your goals.

Outside of the gym – you can find Brian coaching his kids on a lacrosse or football field.

Omari – Personal Trainer 

Omari grew up playing a wide range of sports including college football at Brockport State. His desire and passion to improve in his athletic ability eventually led him to a career in personal training.

Omari’s foundation of training is centered around “Fitness is too important to be boring” and forms a partnership between himself and the client where the goal is to create exciting and creative programming to reach the client’s goals.

Outside the gym, you can find Omari participating in various forms of power and Olympic lifting.

Julia – Personal Trainer 

Julia is a bright, and fun instructor with a background in Kinesiology and Sport Management. She strives to help people feel empowered and attack whatever they want with confidence. Julia’s favorite training style is HIIT,  but also enjoys working on the fundamental movements of balance and coordination. 

Outside the gym, Julia loves to spend time in the outdoors hiking, snowboarding, and exploring.

Remle – Personal Trainer 

Remle is a hardworking and dedicated trainer who respects the limits of each person she works with. She keeps her sessions fun and upbeat while targeting areas to strengthen and improve upon.

Remle believes in the optimization of nutrition and posture, which can benefit everyday living. She strives to keep you working hard while maintaining boundaries to make sure you are comfortable and confident in your abilities. Adaptations are made according to each individual to help get you where you want to be! 

Outside of the gym, you can find Remle studying for her physical therapist assistant degree, playing lacrosse, or spending time with her dogs Bently and Atlas. 


Doug – Personal Trainer 

Doug believes that a balanced fitness program works best so he applies these principles by training with a mix of cardio with strength-training, balance and flexibility. 

Doug’s calm confidence gives clients the belief that they can achieve any fitness goal they aspire to achieve. 

Outside the gym, you can find Doug outside running, biking, and hiking on many of the great local trails. 

Peggy – Personal Trainer 

Peggy believes that fitness goals are foundational: strength, balance, mobility and flexibility. These are the elements she desires to motivate and cultivate with her training clients.

Working with older adults has been her goal since beginning this second career in fitness. Many of her clients are in various stages of rehabilitation and wellness. Goals might have changed from winning the race, to completing the run joyfully. 

Sanjay – Personal Trainer 

Sanjay is from New Delhi, India. During a triple test, Sanjay barbell bench pressed 360 lbs. and took second place in the New Delhi Ironman Competition.

His hobbies include watching soccer and cricket and occasionally playing cricket during the summer. Sanjay also enjoys playing chess and is a big fan of film and cinema. 

Form 990 for year-end 6/30/2021 can be obtained by emailing andreaharrington@jccrochester.org

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