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Our Mission

We are deeply rooted in and committed to celebrating Jewish traditions and values.

We welcome the community at large to join together in exceptional events and activities that establish lifelong connections and enhance our individual and collective well-being.

Our Values


Kehillah (keh-hee-lah) is the Jewish concept of an intentional community, one that provides for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of its members. It transcends physical boundaries.

Where people gather and memories are made. We foster a shared sense of belonging by nurturing social connections between members, cultivating reciprocal responsibility, and advancing a shared sense of purpose.

Hachnasat Orchim
Welcoming + Belonging

In Judaism, Hachnasat Orchim (hach-na-SAHT or-CHEEM) is the mitzvah (obligation) of welcoming guests. Hachnasat Orchim is more than just an invitation; rather, it is a framework that puts the guest’s needs at the center.

The JCC aspires for all members to feel a sense of home in our community center.


Chesed (khe-sed) is often translated as “loving-kindness,” it means giving oneself fully, with love and compassion.

A nurturing force that improves everyone’s well-being, drawing people in and meaning joy and warmth. We value action to carry out goodness in the world.

Honor + Respect

Kavod (ka-VOHD) is the Jewish value of treating others, as well as ourselves, with honor and respect. Showing kavod requires that we embrace difference, displaying a flexible mindset.

Empowers everyone to do their part. Eagerly seeks authentic connections. Treats others with dignity and intention. We seek to create an environment where all members are able to embrace their authentic selves.

Shmirat HaGuf
Being Our Best Selves

Shmirat haguf (sh-mir-aht ha goof) literally translates as “guardian of the body.” Judaism teaches that the body is a divine gift to be cared for. Every physical act we do  eating, walking and talking – is elevated when we are mindful that our bodies are a gift.

Encourages behaviors that promote well-being. Continually improves while leaning into talents. Celebrates and motivates others. We encourage comprehensive wellness for all members.

Form 990 for year-end 6/30/2022 can be obtained by emailing mmarsh@jccrochester.org

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