JCC Day Camp

We believe camp must be boundless freedom from the everyday where kids can safely explore new experiences, stoke a sense of adventure and make life-lasting friendships.

Our camp program is built on five fundamental pillars:

Choice & Structure

Our programming offers exposure to a wide variety of activities, along with an opportunity for campers to choose what activity they want to participate in. Each day includes Activity Periods, which include a variety of specials including arts & crafts, music, drama, nature, adventure, athletics, Judaic/Israeli culture, as well as hobbies and swimming. 


We create an environment that welcomes all campers and staff, and encourages expression of their own individuality. We work closely with families to ensure a successful experience at camp! Please contact Day Camp Director, Staci Hiller for more information.

Jewish Culture

Jewish culture and values are infused throughout our program, through use of terminology, rituals, music and our weekly themes. It is presented in a manner to be accessible to all campers and staff, regardless of religious affiliation or cultural background. 


We highly value providing our campers the opportunity to experience, explore, and learn about the great outdoors! Both on and off site, campers will learn about their natural surroundings, and how to keep them beautiful, and sustainable over their lifetime.

  • 1-mile nature trail leads to a pond!
  • Nature will take place in our first-ever yurt, located along the hiking trail.
  • Campers will learn about weather, astronomy, hiking, camping, native species, environmentalism and more.


Campers will swim each day in our indoor pools. 

  • Daily free swim will be provided Monday-Friday at camp (rain or shine).
  • Swim lessons will be available after camp (for an additional fee).
  • Children will change in our new changing cabins or in our JCC locker room.
Our purpose is to build a formative and fun day camp that welcomes all campers into a safe community of respect and inclusion where each child is encouraged to thrive as their best self.

Shabbat & Special Friday Activities

Shabbat (Sabbath) is a time when the family comes together, everyone slows down, and we simply enjoy each other's company.

We mark Shabbat at camp each Friday morning with an all camp gathering where we sing our favorite Shabbat songs, and of course enjoy some challah!

Campers may get the chance to show off what they worked on in hobbies, perform a song or scene they have been practicing in Kid Stage, or help our music specialist lead a song or dance. 

After the show, all campers participate in a camp wide program that centers around our theme of the week. Camp-wide activities may include:

  • Relay Races
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Talent Shows
  • Color War/Olympics
  • Special guests
Our Approach:
  • Offer a variety of programming that not only reflects accreditation and best practices, but our modern understanding of today’s kids and their world
  • We will provide a robust facility and nature preserve that allows for new daily adventures, and swimming - rain or shine!
  • Create a positive and unforgettable experiences to develop a child's life-long love for camp.

Meals and Snacks

Camp will provide a kosher, vegetarian, and nut aware morning and afternoon snack for each camper, each day. We will do our best to accommodate all allergies and/or dietary restrictions. 

We ask that you please send a vegetarian lunch with your child, that does not require special preparation (i.e. heating up, cooking, etc.). Lunches wil be stored indoors but will not be refrigerated. We ask that you please label your child’s lunch clearly with both first and last name. 

Before and After Camp Care

Available every day that camp is in session.

Before Camp Care: $40/week (7-9am)
After Camp Care: $60/week (3-6pm)

Campers may be dropped off as early as 7am for before camp care, and picked up as late as 6pm for after camp care. If you arrive later than 3pm for pick-up, your child will be brought to after camp care.  

During these times, campers will be supervised by our Camp Staff, and will have the opportunity for free play, structured games, projects, and more! It’s a nice relaxing way to bookend the day!