• Oy Vey, It's the Calamari Sisters Oy Vey, It's the Calamari Sisters

    October 8

    Join the crowd and enjoy CenterStage theatre. Subscription series kicks off with the World Premiere of Oy Vey, It's the Calamari Sisters. 

  • Free Fitness Week Free Fitness Week

    October 11-18

    Enjoy the JCC all week for FREE. Receive up to $360 off a new  membership!

  • Drop-In Parenting Group Drop-In Parenting Group

    October 21

    Discuss issues that are relevant to you and your family.  Feel free to bring your own parenting questions.


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Capital Campaign Buzz

  • "Sending a shout-out to everybody about the exciting new upgrades that are coming to the JCC. I hope you are excited, too! It's going to have state-of-the-art new group exercise rooms, weight rooms, and aquatics. So, strap up your sneakers and come to the J! I'll see you in class! And remember what Coach 'D' says: 'Let's Get To Work!'"

    - Dennis Smith, JCC Group Fitness Instructor