Cornell Sports & Fitness Complex

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Participate in group fitness classes, run on the indoor track, grab a partner and play some racquetball, or spend time hitting the bag. The Cornell Sports & Fitness Complex has multi-use areas for a variety of exercises that helps to keep your fitness routine varied.

Group Cycling

The Group Cycling Studio offers 25 new Keiser® M3 bikes, and each bike has a touchscreen that tells the rider how much resistance they are pushing (gear), distance covered, RPMs (pedal speed), and wattage (power output). The studio also has four flat screen televisions, MYZONE® technology capabilities, and individually controlled fans to accommodate members’ personal preference.

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TRX Suspension Training Studio

TRX® Suspension Training was created by a Navy SEAL to stay in peak condition while on missions where conventional fitness equipment was not available. Because of its effectiveness, it is becoming the functional training system of choice for elite units of every branch of Armed Forces. The TRX effectiveness and versatility as the ultimate bodyweight exercise tool has pushed it far beyond the realm of the battlefield and into the JCC. The benefits of suspension training workouts are not just applicable to the performance elites; they are relevant for everyone who seeks a method to safely and rapidly improve fitness.

Powerlifting Studio

The Powerlifting Studio is equipped with two lifting platforms, jerk boxes, bumper plates, free-standing squat racks, pull-up bars, tires, a heavy bag and speed bag, and various interval cardio equipment. Whether you’re interested in powerlifting or Olympic lifting, you can find all the tools you need to increase your strength and get a great workout. The powerlifting studio is separate from the Fitness Center and is located near the TRX/DGX Studios.

Group X Fitness Studios

With Zumba®, BODYPUMP™, PiYo®, WERQ®, HIIT, cycling, and more, the JCC offers over 100 Group X classes each week. Classes are varied and new routines are added regularly by our certified, motivating instructors. With five dedicated studios, there’s always a class waiting for you in our Upstairs Group X (UGX) & Downstairs Group X (DGX) studios.

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The JCC’s gymnasium can be used as a full court or two half-courts for pickleball, basketball, volleyball, and other adult and youth recreation leagues, as well as group fitness classes or open gym time. Our youth program participants enjoy the gymnasium through organized sports and leagues like floor hockey, indoor soccer, and more.

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